We make house calls or business calls! Wherever you need the help, we’ll be there. 

When you need help getting your email to work, getting your network to work, getting your Internet to work, getting your computer to work, or even programming your home theater remote control, Technology Services from HCTC is here to help. You can choose from telephone support, full on-site technical support, or bring your electronic device to us. All of our services are very reasonably priced. You don’t have to be an Internet, email, or computer virus expert, you just need to know who to call. Unlike many of the national franchises, Technology Services is the only service dedicated to the Texas Hill Country—from Kerr and Bandera County to Kendall County—Mason County to Gillespie, Kimble, and Real County, and all the counties in between.

And you don’t even have to be a member or customer of the HCTC to use Technology Services. Just call, and we’ll route you to the best option for the fastest service to get your Internet, phone, TV, network, or wireless system up and running like you want it.

All service fees below are In-Shop.  Out of shop fee is $95 per hour + trip charge

Call for In Home service or Pick up quote. (Based on location)

Ok! Let’s start with FREE DIAGNOSTICS!

$85 Flat Rate PC Optimization (Performance tune up)

  • System Clean up
  • Defragmentation of system drive
  • Operating System updates
  • Rogue Software removal (software that was pre-installed by the manufacturer or unintentionally installed by a user)

$125 Flat Rate Operating System Reinstallation

$125 Flat Rate Virus, Malware, Spyware and Ransomware Removal

  • All security software will be removed and replaced with 30 trial of Kaspersky Internet Security
  • This service includes PC Optimization service
  • An infected PC can take 2-3 days or longer depending on the infection level.

$150 Flat Rate Data Transfer (Back Up)

  • We will transfer data (not programs) from 1 computer to any device or medium you choose. – $50 additional for Windows Reinstallation following data transfer

Flat Rate Hardware Replacement

$175 Hard Drive Replacement

  • Price does not include cost of parts (Customer will be given quote for Parts)
  • Operating System Re-install
  • Data (not programs) will be backed up prior to replacement if hard drive is recoverable

$125 Flat Rate Hardware Replacement

  • Price does not include cost of parts (Customer will be given quote for Parts) – Power supply, Memory, Video card, Network Card
  • DVD/CD drive replacement
  • Laptop Display, Memory

Hard Drive failed? Don’t throw it away!

  • Data Recovery prices start at $200

Need it now?

  • $75 for Expedited service!  *We cannot guarantee same day return but we will sure try!

20% Veterans Discount

 Contact us today at 830-315-4349

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